Zenoptics: „An Intelligent Analytics Catalog“

BI Tools sprawl has led to a report swamp which is a serious but under-recognized problem. Users struggle to find the right reports in the right tool at the right time. For business users, report sprawl creates confusion and frustration. Unless companies master the basics of report creation and distribution, they won’t succeed with advanced analytics. An analytics catalog is a great way to enable users with trusted reports, and for IT to track usage, for governing and avoiding report sprawl.


Heena Sood, Chief Product Officer | Zenoptics

Heena Sood is an Information Management Thought Leader with over 20 years of experience in the Enterprise BI & Analytics space. She has a unique blend of product & program management experience as well as a “hands-on” understanding of Data warehousing, Reporting, Visualization and Advanced Analytics. At ZENOPTICS, Heena is responsible for innovating towards the product vision and making customers successful.

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