Pyramid Analytics: „The Pyramid Analytics OS – Extending the Value of Your SAP Investments“

Is an “SAP+” analytics strategy right for your organization? Many SAP customers are trying to balance interoperability with the need to get more from their existing SAP investments. They want to say “yes” to on-premise and cloud, and “yes” to self-service and centralized IT governance – without sacrificing the functionality and performance offered by BW and HANA. Pyramid is a modern analytics platform that acts as a bridge between SAP and other vendor ecosystems.


Dave Henry, SVP, Strategic Alliances | Pyramid Analytics

As Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Dave Henry is responsible for the business alliance and partners efforts to build and execute strategies that drive revenue growth.
Henry is a veteran technology executive with a proven track record for leading and motivating culturally diverse teams. Henry has been recognized for designing and implementing innovative solutions that overcome technological barriers and help companies streamline the integration of data solutions for improved ease of use and decision-making.

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