Pyramid Analytics – Future-Proofing your SAP Analytics Environment How to leverage your SAP investment and prepare for what is next

Thousands of organizations rely on SAP to support their everyday data needs. One of the key challenges for SAP customers is to find a complete set of tools that work directly on both SAP BW and SAP HANA with modern self-service analytic capabilities, while exposing all the enterprise, server-based functionality of both for security and governance.

As a complete, enterprise-grade analytics platform, Pyramid is a compelling option for organizations that urgently need to get more value out of their existing SAP BW and SAP HANA investments. Without any data extraction or duplication, Pyramid offers best-in-class functionality and performance that preserves the security and governance inherent in the SAP platform.


Rob Cowell (Principal Technologist | Pyramid Analytics)

More than 25 years’ experience of high-volume data architectures and analytics. Rob has worked as a software developer, database administrator, technical and solutions architect and currently focusses on predictive analytics and data visualisation at Pyramid Analytics.