Efficiently integrate your SAP data into the cloud

Extracting business data from SAP applications for integration into a cloud-based architecture like a data lake or a data warehouse can be a huge challenge.
In this session Richard Brouwer a worldwide leading expert on SAP data integration will share his best practices on:
– How to use log-based CDC as the most efficient way to extract your SAP data
– How to extract and enrich your SAP data for downstream pipelines
– What a scalable architecture to unlock your SAP data could look like

Richard Brouwer, Fivetran

Speaker: Richard Brouwer, Senior Solution Consultant | Fivetran

Richard Brouwer is a worldwide leading expert in migration and data integration of SAP data. He gained his knowledge during his 30 year career in data working in leading organizations at companies like Ratiopharm, Unilever and Heineken, as well as technology at companies like Accenture, Teradata and HVR. Currently he is applying his expertise as a Senior Solution Consultant at Fivetran as the global go-to-person for all SAP related topics.